19 Juni 2014

The Fish and A Ring

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I had a story titled
"The Fish And A Ring" 
this story tell us about King that can guess what will happen in the future, or maybe its known with a fortune teller. 

One day, the King seeing something about what will happen with his son, that still child. and he is very surprised and dismey (worry) because in the future his son will marry with a poor girl. 

so the king decided to go tho the poor girl's house. after found the home, he saw a doleful  (very sad; murung) man in front of the door. so he asked to the man, "What happened to you, why you look so doleful?"

"Its because i had a six child, and i cant give them some food." said the man.

"Dont be sad again, i will bring your last child, and i will keep your child. dont worry, i promise" The king looks very wise.

of course the old man happy when hear that, finally he give his child.

but, when the king pass the river, he throw away the child, because he dont want his son married with the poor girl in the future.

Nice fate happened to the poor child, he floating in the river and a fisherman found her. 

then, someday when the king going to fishing in the river with his friend, they are very thirsty, and then stopped in fisherman hut.

The King very surprised when know a girl that he throw away in the past still alive. so he planning to throw the girl to the forest far away from the city. 

the next day, the king's son going to hunting animals in the forest, and the fate happened, he meet with the poor girl, and falling in love. he wed the girl, and live happily ever after.

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